i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Certification

Learn the methods, dynamics and processes to awaken your integration, inspiration, intuition and imagination.

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Face-to-Face5 Days40 hours ICF CCE Credits

Welcome Dinner: Sunday 3rd at 6:00pm
Program Starts:
Monday 4th at 7:45am
Program Ends: Friday 8th at 6:00pm
Farewell Dinner: Friday 8th at 6:00pm

Our program will be hosted at Hot Stone Club, a wellness center in the spiritual heart of Bali—Ubud—where you will find the perfect balance between seclusion, relaxation, and harmony with nature.

Accommodation is to be covered separately by each participant. Numerous options are available in the vicinity of the program venue.

For your convenience, you can add accommodation to the booking at the Hot Stone Club, which is where the program will take place.

If you want to take advantage of staying at the same venue, be sure to book your room on enrolment, as spots are limited. There are 9 rooms left, which can be booked for single use or twin share.

The drop down menu below provides the price of the program with and without accomodation.

5 nights:
Check-In Sun Nov 3rd | Check-Out Fri Nov 8th, 2024

6 nights:
Let us know in your booking what day on either side of the program dates you would like to book as an additional night.

7 nights:
Check-In Sat Nov 2nd | Check-Out Sat Nov 9th, 2024

When making your reservation, we kindly request that you email us to indicate whether you will be sharing accommodation with a friend or partner, or if you would prefer us to assign a roommate for your room. Your selections will be confirmed once we have received all our bookings. If you are booking a twin share, please purchase a quantity of 2 or have your partner book separately, and please remember to email us to inform us of your preferences.

The program fee covers the cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with coffee, tea, juices, and filtered water for 5 days (Monday 4th to Friday 8th of November), plus a welcoming dinner on Sunday 3rd of November 2024. Alcohol is not included.

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Certification is an innovative framework for enhancing leadership and creative thinking within individuals, teams and organizations. This Certification is not just a program; it's a journey towards a more intuitive, imaginative, inspiring, and integrated approach to shape how we create, deliver, and sustain value in a rapidly evolving world. 

This revolutionary method capitalizes on the innate power of the human brain, drawing upon the latest discoveries in neuroscience, biology, and quantum physics. It equips you with the skills to cultivate the four critical dimensions of leadership: integration, inspiration, intuition, and imagination. The program empowers you to evolve these competencies within yourself and mentor others in your circle to do the same. This comprehensive approach results in a more nuanced and effective leadership style.

What is covered in a nutshell

This program blends theoretical learning with practical application. Participants engage in activities designed to stimulate and develop these essential areas, backed by a rich array of resources. The i4 Neuroleader™ Playbook provides detailed guidance and actionable steps critical to the program's philosophy. Moving beyond traditional change management models, this innovative certification employs cutting-edge scientific research to enhance your ability to adapt, lead, and innovate effectively in today's dynamic environment.

At the end of the program, participants are recognized with a Certificate of Completion, a testament to their newfound mastery in this avant-garde field. This certification marks an educational achievement and signifies a step forward in the journey toward advanced, science-based leadership and innovation. 

Difference between our two certifications

The i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment Certification is an online, self-paced program specifically designed around the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment and teaching resources. Completing this course certifies you to utilize the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment in your coaching and consulting practice, as well as to conduct workshops with i4 within organizations. If you would like to use the assessment then this is the program for you.

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Certification, is a face-to-face program set to take place in Bali this November, 2024. This immersive retreat-style experience incorporates interactive elements that simply can’t be replicated online. Attending this program offers opportunities for learning, networking, connecting with peers as well as relaxation aspects and cultural excursions. This certification delves into various learning activities, methods, dynamics, and processes, empowering you to guide your clients in awakening integration, inspiration, intuition, and imagination. The activities you learn will be directly applicable to your facilitation or coaching practice.

These programs complement each other and can be pursued independently or in combination. In fact, there's a 10% discount available when enrolling in both simultaneously. Many practitioners find that completing the online course and then attending the face-to-face program enhances content integration. If attending the face-to-face session isn’t feasible, completing the online course still qualifies you as an i4 Neuroleader™ Practitioner.

Industry Recognised

Looking to renew your ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credentials?

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Certification is accredited by the International Coach Federation as a Continuing Coach Education program.

40 hours ICF CCE:
24 Core Competency
16 Resource Development

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November 4th - 8th, 2024

Bali Immersion

Bali, commonly known as the 'Island of the Gods,' offers a serene backdrop for our 5-day program.

Each day in Bali unfolds within the tranquil embrace of nature, concluding with awe-inspiring sunsets. This picturesque environment serves as an optimal sanctuary for immersing oneself in activities that foster integration, inspiration, intuition, and imagination, qualities frequently overlooked in the hustle of everyday life.

Science meets spirit

This certification merges the most intriguing and relevant research from the field of neurobiology with enduring human capacities necessary for our souls to thrive.

This unique program is designed to awaken your mind, body, and spirit, offering a transformational experience. Dive into a world where understanding our biology enriches our journey through life as humans and leaders. 

Who is this program for?

Designed for individuals seeking to assess and enhance their leadership abilities while boosting their well-being and resilience.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants.


Leaders and their teams from private or public sectors.


Coaches, leadership facilitators, yoga and well-being teachers.


Individuals interested in cultivating their leadership skills.


The topics we cover in the 5 days!

Day 1 serves as the cornerstone of this enlightening experience, offering a comprehensive introduction to the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology. Whether you are a coach, a leader, an entrepreneur or someone interested in their personal development, this program is designed not just for your evolution but also to enhance your ability to foster growth in others.

Dive deep into the fascinating intricacies of brain function, unraveling our minds' profound impact on behavior and leadership. This day is pivotal in understanding the critical role of self-awareness in effective leadership. You'll explore the interconnectedness of the brain, heart, and gut, revealing how this triad is essential in harnessing personal power and in forging productive collaborations. This holistic approach acknowledges the significance of biological components in shaping a well-rounded individual, adept at leading in the era of ‘Imagination’.

As you navigate through the complexities of neurobiology, you'll gain invaluable insights into the art of self-regulation, empathy, and decision-making. This initial immersion is more than just an introduction; it's the beginning of a five-day odyssey that promises not only to transform your leadership style but also to redefine your perception of what it means to lead in today's ever-evolving world.

Day 2 brings to life the principles of our book “Brain-Friendly Leadership: The 9 Habits of a Future-Fit Mind”. You will explore optimising your mind and body for higher levels of performance and effectively managing daily stress. The day's curriculum also encompasses moral reasoning and attaining peak experiences, both essential elements in the journey towards a 'future-fit' mind. These concepts are integral to your evolution as a leader and individual, directly reflecting the habits outlined in the book.

A focal point of Day 2 is the art of self-care for maintaining mental readiness and balance. You will dive into the fields of biohacking, neurofeedback, bioelectricity, and epigenetics to understand why self-care practices need to be a priority. You will learn theory and practical strategies for yourself and for mentoring others. 

This aspect of the program builds on the concept of self-awareness, an essential trait for effective 21st-century leadership. The hands-on experiences interspersed throughout the day ensure that the theoretical knowledge you acquire is deeply rooted in practical application. You will leave with strategies to enhance your self-awareness and challenge limiting beliefs that hinder your authenticity. This process will empower you to identify and overcome barriers to your true self, enabling you to lead and interact confidently with others.

Day 3 of the program marks a pivotal moment in your journey as you delve into the realm of intuitive development, complemented by an insightful introduction to the fundamental concepts of quantum physics. Throughout the day, you'll engage in a series of exercises, each designed to awaken and fortify your innate intuitive abilities. You'll participate in deep inner listening sessions, harnessing the power of silence to connect with your inner wisdom. Journaling exercises will serve as a conduit to your subconscious, enabling you to unearth insights and understandings beneath the surface of conscious thought. 

Additionally, sensory awareness activities are integrated into the program to sharpen your perceptual abilities, enhancing your intuitive responses to the world around you. This heightened awareness is crucial in developing a keen sense of intuition, a tool invaluable for making decisions that align with your deepest values and aspirations. 

The culmination of these practices will enhance your intuitive skills and guide you towards becoming a more aware, adaptable and influential human being. This day promises to be the highlight of this experience, leaving you with a newfound clarity and a robust set of tools to navigate the complexities of life.

Day 4 unfolds as a refreshing quest of playfulness and its vital role in personal and professional spheres. This day is dedicated to reigniting your inner child and embracing the power of fun. It's a journey back to the heart of youthful exuberance, tapping into the wellspring of joy and creativity that comes with it. Throughout the day, you'll be actively involved in a team project ingeniously designed to awaken your sense of wonder and play. This experience is about rediscovery and harnessing these qualities to enhance your ability to inspire yourself and those around you.

The core themes of the day include crucial aspects of effective leadership and personal growth: inspiration, communication, generosity, and courage. These elements are interwoven into the day's activities, allowing you to apply and refine these skills within the dynamics of group interaction. This immersive experience offers profound insights into your interaction styles. You'll delve into these concepts' scientific underpinnings and practical applications, enhancing your capacity to lead and influence with greater confidence and empathy.

The activities are carefully crafted to be enjoyable and serve as powerful catalysts for personal and professional development. They are aimed at helping you rediscover and strengthen your passion and vision across various aspects of your life. As Day 4 comes to a close, you will emerge with a rejuvenated sense of connection to yourself and others.

On Day 5, the focus shifts to fostering imagination and innovative thinking. This is achieved through a blend of creative and introspective exercises. You'll explore a biology-informed method of ideation, an invaluable asset for both personal application and group collaboration. This technique is tailored to unleash fresh ideas and uncover efficient solutions by tapping into the intricate link between biological processes and creative thought. Participants will receive access to the method’s research paper and be trained to facilitate this process in group settings, enhancing their skills as innovators and ideation leaders.

As the program draws to a close, we'll gather for a ‘Circle of Learning’, a powerful session’ where we reflect on our shared quest and exchange insights and breakthroughs. This circle is not just a conclusion but a launching pad, as you'll use your imagination to ‘paint the canvas of your future’ and get clear on your purpose and direction. Envisioning what lies ahead, you'll set intentions and map out steps to actualize the dreams and goals that have taken shape over our time together. This final day is a celebration of growth and a commitment to continuously applying the learnings in your life beyond this program.


Who will be guiding you on this journey!

Read Facilitator Bios:

A pioneer in the application of neurobiology to the field of leadership and personal development, Silvia Damiano will lead the 2024 i4 Neuroleader™ Certification in Bali.

With over two decades in leadership development and executive coaching, Silvia brings a wealth of expertise and a holistic approach to the program. As the Founder of the About my Brain Institute and the creator of the i4 Neuroleader™ Model & Methodology, she has also directed and produced the award-winning documentary Make Me a Leader.

Silvia is the author of “Brain-Friendly Leadership” and “Leadership is Upside Down,” offering unconventional and insightful perspectives on leadership. These works solidify her position as a thought leader, presenting groundbreaking views that challenge traditional leadership paradigms. You can view her TEDx Talk here.

Silvia has worked across diverse sectors, both private and public, including the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), JESA, IBM, Microsoft, Fuji Xerox, ManpowerGroup, Telstra, Novartis, NSW Government, Valvoline, Symbio Global, ModnPods, VISA, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Rotary Club and numerous others.

Silvia’s passion lies in unlocking human potential, drawing on extensive research and experience to guide individuals through a transformative journey. Her innovative methods, blending scientific insights with spiritual wisdom, make her an ideal mentor for those seeking profound personal growth and leadership skills. Silvia's warm, engaging style and profound understanding of the human mind promise an enriching and life-changing experience.

Relmi Damiano serves as both the Creative & Managing Director at the About my Brain Institute. Recently, she delivered a compelling talk titled “Biohacking Your Creative Self”. Watch TEDx Talk here.

Embarking on her career in 2005 as a young artist and photographer, Relmi swiftly gained recognition, winning multiple awards and exhibiting her work in prestigious shows such as the Melbourne and Sydney Art Shows, as well as in galleries across Australia. With formal training in digital media, graphic and brand design design, Relmi has worked with clients in Australia, Europe, and the USA.

Relmi has played a pivotal role in the creative direction and global operations of the About my Brain Institute. This institute specialises in leadership and personal development training, empowering individuals to lead with confidence, compassion, and purpose by harnessing the potential of their brain, body, and spirit. Relmi was also the art director and producer of the award-winning documentary Make Me A Leader.

Since 2011, Relmi has lectured and mentored emerging designers, initially at Billy Blue College of Design and most recently at The University of Sydney, in Design Innovation and Creativity, Venturing & MVP, User Experience Design, Design Practice, and Management.Driven by her roles as a creative and in addition to being an Akashic Records Reader, Relmi possesses a deep passion for creativity and intuitive development. She firmly believes activating one's imagination and intuition can unlock a clear sense of purpose and fulfilment. Relmi's quest lies in integrating neuroscience and leadership within the realm of design and strategic innovation, utilising biohacking techniques to nurture creativity and enhance overall well-being.

A Playbook in Action!

Bringing the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology to life!

Don’t just learn the theories – live them.

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Playbook guides you to turn innovative concepts into daily practices. You’ll leave with knowledge and a practical roadmap to continue your creative and leadership journey.

What People Say

Take a look at all our testimonials from our past programs!
Katie Hancock

I am here in this program because I needed a reset. I had to take the time to focus on myself so I could improve what I needed to improve to be a better mother, a better leader and a better person.

Amber Jenner

This program has been the most life changing experience for me. It puts everything into perspective and I realised how much we take for granted.

Steve Murray

I highly recommend this program and the i4 Neuroleader™ Model. It is a way of reframing and refreshing the way that we think and act to become a better person.

Madelyn Beaufils

Silvia Damiano and the About my Brain Institute are becoming the pioneers of a new type of program, very different to what is out there.

Joshua Landua

About my Brain, their team and their methodologies have had an enormous impact on my life, professionally as well as personally. I’ve been using their tools and attending their workshops and retreats since early 2015 and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Blythe Rowe

I feel absolutely grateful to be here because this experience is life changing. There’s is an infinity to this stuff. Now I know what I do not know. There is endless learning for all of us and the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology has encouraged me to keep learning.

Troy Roberts

I absolutely recommend to take a leap of faith and join this program. You can change things in your own life and in your organizations. Come on board.

Rosa Urtubi

I came all the way from Spain to attend this program. One of the things I am taking away is the importance to learn how to develop a fit brain because all of us, as leaders are impacting others day after day.

Matt Jackson

I love meeting new people and connecting with people at a real level. Even though we are learning research-based stuff, it is a human program that is also fun.

Su Owen

I learnt about the latest in leadership and all the things that make the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology unique, from how to take care of your brain to how to collaborate and innovate.


All the additional details you need to know.

The 5-day program officially starts on Monday 4th of at 7:45am and concludes at 6pm on Friday 8th of November. In addition to these times, there will be a special welcome dinner on Sunday 3rd, at 6pm to kick off the program, and a farewell dinner on Friday, November 8th, at 6pm.

Arriving in Bali:
For arrivals in Bali, it is advised to book flights landing on Saturday, November 2nd, or Sunday, November 3rd, during the day. This allows for a period of relaxation, such as getting a massage and settling into your hotel, to start fresh on Monday morning.

Leaving Bali:
As for departures from Bali, it is recommended to schedule flights for Saturday November 9th if you wish to attend the farewell dinner (which we recommend, as we have a special surprise). Since the program concludes at 6pm on the Friday, traffic to the airport can be heavy. To avoid the rush it is advisable to stay one more night to fully integrate and enjoy the last evening of the program.

The program has a 8 contact learning hours per day split over 3 dynamic sessions. The total is 40 hours over the 5 days.

Each day our times will go as follows:

Activation: 8:00am - 9:00am (1 hour)
Breakfast: 9:00am - 9:30am (30 min)
Session 1: 9:30am - 1:00am (3.5 hours)
Lunch: 1:00pm - 2:00pm (1 hour)
Session 2: 2:00pm - 4:00pm (2 hours)
Afternoon Break: 4:00pm - 4:30pm (30 min)
Session 3: 4:30pm - 6:00pm (1.5 hours)
Free time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm (1.5 hours)
Dinner: 7:30pm - 8:30pm (1 hour)

When making a reservation on behalf of someone else, add a second spot in the cart using the 'quantity' drop down. Please enter their full name in the 'order instructions' when you check out.

The program price does not cover flights to Denpasar, Indonesia or transportation from the Airport to Ubud. We recommend attendees to organize these services independently or directly with the hotel they choose for their stay.

A visa can be obtained upon arrival at Denpasar International Airport. This visa is granted to foreigners who want to stay in Indonesia and is valid for 30 days without going through an extended visa processing procedure. Currently, 97 countries are allowed to go to Indonesia using VoA.

It is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider regarding any necessary vaccinations at least 4 to 6 weeks before your travel.

It is the responsibility of the participant to purchase travel insurance for the duration of the journey. The About my Brain Institute takes no responsibility for any accident, injury, theft or any other events that may take place during the trip.

This is an alcohol and drug-free event. If you decide to consume alcoholic beverages, please do it in moderation so that your learning experience is not affected.

Bookings are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you can offer your spot to someone else or use the credit for any other programs and/or products listed on the About my Brain website. Tickets cannot be resold for commercial gain. We reserve the right to cancel or change event dates, times, lineup & venue. Only in this case, refunds will be considered if the About my Brain Institute cannot offer an alternative event date.

All our prices are based on USD. You can view prices in your local currency at the current exchange rate by using the currency drop-down menu in the top-right corner, which is automatically set for your region. Prices in currencies other than USD may fluctuate daily due to exchange rate changes. To see our fixed pricing, please select USD. When you make a purchase, the total amount charged will reflect the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

We are an Australian company and all pricing listed on our website is exclusive of Australian Sales Tax (GST), which is 10%. Tax only applies to Australian residents and/or registered Australian companies and 10% will be added when purchasing products and services on our website. Based on the digital service tax (DST), our offering falls into the category of ‘educational exempt products and services’ for most regions around the world. This means that for non-Australian residents and/or companies, the sales tax does not apply.

Completion Requirements

How to obtain your certificate of completion:

This comprehensive program spans 5 days and involves in-person immersion, totalling 40 contact hours. To qualify for the certificate of completion, attendance is mandatory for all sessions throughout the entire duration of the program.


Compose a 1,000-word reflection on the insights and learnings gained during the 5-day immersion. Elaborate on how you plan to apply this newfound knowledge in your interactions with clients and/or in your personal life. You have the option to write this reflection on the final day of the program or choose to do so a few days later after thoughtful consideration.


After successfully finishing the entire 5-day program and submitting your assignment, your entry will undergo a review process. Within seven days of submission, your certificate of completion will be accessible in your learning dashboard.


Which program is for me?

Learn more about our 3 programs!
i4 Neuroleader™ Course (includes 360° feedback assessment)


Gain an understanding of how to achieve the competencies of the i4 Neuroleader™ Model, which include performance, collaboration, innovation, and agility, alongside 16 underpinning abilities.
i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment Certification


Acquire the skills needed to debrief, neurocoach and administer the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment; and conduct i4 Neuroleader™ Workshops, with the purpose of developing brain-friendly leaders, teams and cultures.
i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Certification


Master the methods, dynamics and processes to teach the abilities of integration, inspiration, imagination and intuition with the purpose of developing brain-friendly individuals and leaders.