Muse™ Headband

EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep

Track your body's natural rhythms and get personalized meditation soundscapes that are tailored to your heart rate, breath patterns, and body movements.

These meditations will help you develop a deeper understanding of your internal cues so that you can learn how to relax, build energy, or optimize your performance.

At-home biofeedback training

Tune Into Your Body

Muse is a research-grade EEG headband that acts as your personal meditation coach. Advanced sensors accurately measure your biosignals, while gentle audio cues deliver real-time feedback to bring your focus back to the present.

Safe, Trusted & Certified

The World’s Leading EEG Technology

Muse’s EEG technology is research-backed, accurate and trusted by leading experts and institutions in the field of neuroscience and well-being.