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Leadership Is Upside Down

Watch Founder Silvia Damiano!

With over two decades in leadership development and executive coaching, Silvia brings a wealth of expertise and a holistic approach to the program. As the Founder of the About my Brain Institute and the creator of the i4 Neuroleader™ Model & Methodology, she has also directed and produced the award-winning documentary Make Me a Leader. Silvia is the author of “Brain-Friendly Leadership” and “Leadership is Upside Down,” offering unconventional and insightful perspectives on leadership. These works solidify her position as a thought leader, presenting groundbreaking views that challenge traditional leadership paradigms.

Silvia has worked across diverse sectors, both private and public, including the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), JESA, IBM, Microsoft, Fuji Xerox, ManpowerGroup, Telstra, Novartis, NSW Government, Valvoline, Symbio Global, ModnPods, VISA, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Rotary Club and numerous others. Silvia’s passion lies in unlocking human potential, drawing on extensive research and experience to guide individuals through a transformative journey. Her innovative methods, blending scientific insights with spiritual wisdom, make her an ideal mentor for those seeking profound personal growth and leadership skills. Silvia's warm, engaging style and profound understanding of the human mind promise an enriching and life-changing experience.

Biohacking Your Creative Self

Watch Creative Director Relmi Damiano!

Relmi Damiano boldly addresses the detrimental impact of digital distractions while advocating for the cultivation of imagination and creativity. Drawing from her personal journey as a dyslexic child who blossomed into a thriving photographer and designer, Relmi shares practical biohacking techniques aimed at enhancing cognitive abilities, overall well-being, and creativity. From harnessing the power of water to embracing daydreaming and prioritizing essential elements like sleep, movement, dance, meditation and neurofeedback, Relmi provides her audience with actionable strategies to unlock their creative potential. Through compelling storytelling and relatable anecdotes, she encourages viewers to embark on their own biohacking journey, emphasizing the importance of embracing creativity to the fullest extent.

Embarking on her career in 2005 as a young artist and photographer, Relmi gained recognition, winning multiple awards and exhibiting her work in prestigious shows such as the Melbourne and Sydney Art Shows. With formal training in digital media, graphic and brand design, Relmi has worked with clients in Australia, Europe, and the USA. Relmi has played a pivotal role in the Creative Direction of the About my Brain Institute, specializing in leadership and personal development training, empowering individuals to lead with confidence, compassion, and purpose by harnessing the potential of their brain, body, and spirit, also producing the award-winning documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’. Relmi has lectured at Billy Blue College of Design and most recently at The University of Sydney, in Design Innovation & Creativity, UX Design and MVP. Relmi possesses a deep passion for creativity, intuitive development and biohacking techniques to nurture creativity and enhance overall well-being.

Creating Brain-Friendly Workplaces

Watch Head Coach Katharine McLennan!

Katharine McLennan delves into the pressing issue of digital distractions and the future of work in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Reflecting on the potential of AI to surpass human achievements in various fields, she raises pertinent questions about the impact of technology on creativity and workplace well-being. Katharine challenges viewers to consider the current state of work, highlighting alarming statistics. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing human creativity, intuition, and inspiration in the face of advancing AI technology. Proposing a new vision for the future of work centered around human connection, imagination, and holistic well-being, Katharine offers a compelling call to action. She urges individuals to recognize the untapped potential within themselves and in their colleagues, fostering a workplace culture that celebrates human creativity and collaboration.

Katharine is an executive, consultant, coach, and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience with over 50 organisations across all sectors of the economy. She is also the Head Coach of the About my Brain™ Institute. Inside organisations, she has been the Chief People Officer of CBA and Cochlear. As a consultant, she has focused on the integration of strategy and psychology, working for consulting companies such as Booz, Allen & Hamilton and Heidrick & Struggles. Katharine has assessed and developed hundreds of executives in their ability to integrate strategy, implementation, culture, team leadership, and inner psychology. She proved her operational mettle in one of the largest projects in the world with her role as Head of Operational Planning for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, 1996-2000. Katharine has an undergraduate degree with highest honours in Neuroscience and History (Duke University), an MA degree in Political Science (UNSW) and an MBA with highest honours (Stanford University).

Danger Of Replacing Instinct With Technology

Watch Neuroscientist Dr Kaushik Ram!

Embark on a captivating exploration of human instinct, technology, and the future of humanity with Dr. Kaushik Ram in his eye-opening TEDx talk. Dr. Ram shares his personal journey of abandoning a successful career in neuroscience to embark on a transformative adventure living in a cave in Thailand. Through vivid storytelling and profound insights, he challenges the audience to reconsider our relationship with technology and our primal instincts. From the consequences of technological advancement on mental health to the critical importance of preserving our innate human nature, Dr. Ram paints a compelling picture of the challenges and opportunities facing humanity in the 21st century. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that delves deep into what it means to be human in a rapidly evolving world.

Dr Kaushik Ram is a distinguished Neuroscientist, Author and Board Member. He is also collaborates with the About my Brain™ Institute regularly delivering programs. Formerly based at Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, Dr. Ram was the project lead for the implementation of AI in clinical workflow. He was responsible for the successful design and deployment of the MS Federated Imaging Repository (MSBIR) - an AI-assisted Neuroinfomatics Platform housing 75,000 multiple sclerosis patients. A sought after speaker, Dr Ram’s evidence-based research has been applied to leadership programs for enterprise and government. He gained international recognition for his pioneering work on the neuroscience of the heart. He is the Chief Scientific Advisor and Board Member at inTruth Technologies merging biometrics and AI for emotion regulation. He has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries and is the author of Hidden World, a book that pushes the boundaries of science and spirituality. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Are You Being Manipulated?

Watch Corporate Dramatist David McCubbin!

Dive into the complex world of power dynamics with David McCubbin as he delves into the concept of Artificial Integrity (AI) in his thought-provoking TEDx talk. Drawing on his background in drama and leadership communication, McCubbin explores how AI operates as a psychological strategy rooted in human nature, often wielded by individuals seeking to assert control and dominance. Through compelling storytelling and insightful analysis, he unveils the deceptive nature of AI and offers strategies for recognizing and challenging it. From dissecting the narrative of "I and I alone can protect you" to advocating for genuine questioning and holding one's ground, McCubbin provides a roadmap for dismantling illegitimate power structures and fostering healthier relationships based on shared power and truth. Join us on this journey to uncover the truth behind power dynamics and learn how to navigate them with integrity and resilience.

As COUP Founder and Managing Director, David has pioneered the adoption of skills and disciplines from dramatic art as effective learning and development mechanisms in dozens of blue-chip corporations across banking, professional services, retail, pharma, telecoms, tertiary education, social housing and government. He has designed and delivered countless development programs for senior leaders and provided executive coaching to C-suite execs, CEO's and senior academics. He founded COUP with Annie in 2001. Since then they have delivered programs across Australasia and abroad. David collaborates with the About my Brain™ Institute regularly delivering programs.

How Workplace Ageism Hurts Everyone

Watch Psychologist Samantha Dzabic!

Explore the pervasive issue of ageism with Samantha Dzabic's compelling talk which offers profound insights and solutions for combatting discrimination based on age. Through vivid storytelling and personal reflections, Dzabic navigates the harsh realities faced by older individuals in the tech industry and beyond, highlighting the detrimental impact of age-related stereotypes on mental and physical health. From challenging assumptions to advocating for inclusivity, she urges viewers to shine a light on ageism and take tangible steps towards change. Drawing on wisdom from indigenous cultures and personal anecdotes, Dzabic inspires a collective effort to rebuild a village where every age is valued and celebrated. Don't miss this empowering talk that sparks crucial conversations and encourages action towards a more equitable future.

Samantha Dzabic is an experienced Human Resources professional, passionate about organisational transformation with a main focus on the people side of change, especially stakeholder and risk management. She has worked for both public and private organisations as the Head of Transformation. Her interests and research are in leadership development, neuroscience and the impact of technological, political and environmental changes on organisational behaviour. Samantha is currently conducting a project on Ageism with high-profile clients and organisations. Samantha collaborates with the About my Brain™ Institute regularly delivering programs and as a psychologist consultant.